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Whistler Bike Park Map – Basics Finished

Creating maps is a really interesting hobby. You come to appreciate just how complicated trail systems like Whistler Blackcomb actually are. Take a look below at the GPS tracks for the Fitzsimmons zone below. You would never think that the bike park network is really that complicated until you actually see it mapped out. Labelling these tracks should be fun. The way the trails are organized is as follows: Solid lines of any colour are flow, dashed lines of any color are technical. Green is easiest, blue – intermediate, black – advanced, red/black – double black and red/white – pro-line. The colours are taken from Whistler Blackcomb’s colouring system with some artistic interpretation. As always, I’m open to opinions. As you can also see, the elevation contours are in place, as well as the 1×1 km grid.