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Development Blog » ULLR Maps Launches with Version 3.0 Maps!
ULLR Maps Launches with Version 3.0 Maps!

Well, today we have some very exciting news. After a summer of hard work, The Whistler Mountain Mapping Initiative has been re branded into ULLR Adventure Maps! Along with this news comes the release of Whistler / Blackcomb version 3.0 maps. These maps have been reworked visually from the ground up, updating several features that can be seen  on the changelog.

ULLR Adventure maps plans to be the next big thing in adventure mapping, creating custom maps from the ground up in the traditional WMMI fashion.

The ULLR adventure map application, available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store hosts a bunch of nifty features:

  • GPS location pinpointing.
  • Find your friends and track their locations.
  • Always know your location (in coordinate format) and the telephone number of the local rescue agency.
  • Easy to use interface and map downoads (no more fooling around with installation issues).

We hope you take the time to check out and learn more about our new app and maps!