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The Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain Ski Map
The New Combined Whistler and Blackcomb Ski Map.

The Whistler Blackcomb Ski Map was released this winter and included a huge amount of improvements over our previous maps. We decided to combine both the previously separate Whistler and Blackcomb maps into one larger map. This decision helped improve the ULLR app user experience, particularly with GPS tracking. With separate maps, GPS tracking would stop once you went across the Peak to Peak. The combined map however allows GPS tracking to continuously run anywhere within the Whistler Blackcomb tenure.

The new maps also include numerous other improvements and fixes. We increased the resolution of our base layer to provide a sharper experience and to really allow people to visualize terrain, while also changing our font and labeling strategy to decrease overall clutter. We increased the map coverage area, extending the West boundary of the map further in order to include Khyber Pass. While we haven’t labeled any features in the area besides the Microwave Tower Road, the imagery helps with navigation. Finally, we’ve updated the map base image to allow for the addition of all the new lift infrastructure WB has added this winter season, which included removing the old lifts from the image and adding the new lifts via GPS points.

We spent over 300 hours improving this map so we hope you enjoy it! Expect to see updates for our other maps as the summer approaches.

Happy Exploring!