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Spearhead Map in Development

After the release of the Whistler/Blackcomb ski maps V2.2.1, I’ve freed up time to start working on the Spearhead Traverse map. I’ve put about 10 hours of work into this map so far, primarily focusing on fixing the ortho photo base layer. Unfortunately when the imagery arrived from the Province of BC, there were several artifacts in the image that you can see in the attached images. These proved to be difficult to remove and ultimately resulted in “painting” new trees onto the image. This was a very time consuming and tedious process. However, I’m happy with the overall result.

Imagery Issues – Before (notice the obvious mosaic joint and image artifacts in bright purple):

Slightly better trees:

These images are roughly the same area, but the screenshots are slightly off. You can clearly see, the majority of the artifacts are missing, and the obvious mosaic line has been removed.

The next task after fixing the base layer was to run a test georeference of the base layer. This included matching “page” markers to “real world” coordinates found using the NAD83 coordinate lookup tool.

Once the image was georeferenced, it was time to add test data to the map to make sure the map was properly referenced. Below you can see points on Fissile, as well as part of the Spearhead Traverse. These are not final designs, but simply labels. This also gives you an idea of the image quality used for the final map. Because the map will also be ideally printed, the image will appear smaller on paper than in this photo.


I’m happy with these test results. There is still image manipulation data to attend to (removing more purple artifacts) as well as the all important phone call to a potential printer regarding print dimensions and map folds, but that’s enough work for now. Off to bed.

Alex Hordal