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The Notion of Liability

During the adventure of turning the Whistler Mountain Mapping Initiative into a business, the notion of liability has crept to the surface time and time again. This isn’t particularly surprising considering we’re creating maps from scratch. One consideration in particular is how runs are displayed on the map, specifically in regards to color and symbolism. While looking at the maps tonight, I noticed that both Blacks and Double Blacks were the same color (Black). This doesn’t sounds like a big deal, but from a notion of liability, your average tourist joe here on vacation might end up on a run that he initially thought was a single black, but turned out actually be a double black (as he probably can’t distinguish between the two). With that in mind, I set out to make some changes to how run names were labelled.

Initially, I decided a color change for double blacks was in order. This turned out to be a no go (I had chosen red for double blacks). After some tinkering with settings and colors, I opted to distinguish the double blacks with the double black diamond symbol. This of course opened up a can of worms and I couldn’t stop, so I decided to label all the run difficulties with their respective symbols. Have a look below and tell me what you think. It doesn’t sound like a big change, but I hope it might cut down on any potential confusion.