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WMMI Ski Maps V2.2 Released!


Hey everyone, the Whistler Mountain Mapping Initiative has just released our newest map, version 2.2! This map comes with numerous fixes, changes and aesthetic updates that can be found on the changelog(This should be online tomorrow). 30 hours has gone into this new release with a primary focus on improving efficiency for WB ski patrollers responding to 10-40s. A main feature to aid this is the addition of tower numbers for all ski lifts, which to say the least was an ordeal.

We’ve also focused on general aesthetics, removing clutter, as well as emphasizing text and lift names. Several issues with the orthophoto base also existed that were corrected including removing the Orange chair (yes, it somehow evaded even the most critical eyes), moving the base stations for the Harmony 6 Express and moving the base and top stations for the Showcase T-Bar. The showcase T-bar has found a permanent home on the map (positioned using GPS), where as previously its position was considered an approximation.

We have also added “glacier extents” to both the Whistler and Blackcomb ski maps that show the current glacial extent (as of 2014 imagery). The glaciers can be seen on the above screenshot and are marked with a blue boarder and have blue contours. The Whistler Ski Map has also seen the addition of several new magic carpets in the adult learn to ski zone which were added at the beginning of the 2016 season.

We hope you take the time to have a look at all the small details that were put into this release and wish to thank your for your ongoing support!


Alex Hordal