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WMMI Maps Minor Release V2.2.1

Hey everyone, this is just a short update to let everyone know about the minor release of version 2.2.1. You can find the changes made to this version below, but can always be found in the changelog. As per normal, your account will reflect the most recent map available to download (2.2.1). Please review the changelog below, or by using the above link to deem whether you need to update your map.

Version 2.2.1 – 2017-01-27

Added features to Whistler:

    • Added Killer Windrow.

Added features to Blackcomb:

    • Added 5n.
    • Added Powerline.
    • Added Old Corner 7.
    • Added 5M.
    • Added second chute for Upper Trapline.
    • Added Coggs Corner.

Fixes: Whistler

    • Changed location of The Beaver

Fixes: Blackcomb

    • Changed location of Snoozer.
    • Renamed Countdown to The Big Easy.
    • Changed location of Corner 17.
    • Changed location of Gorby Park.
    • Changed location of the Opal Bowl Label.
    • Removed old power line location.

This update was completed with the help of WMMI community member Christopher Walker.

Alex Hordal