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Whistler Mountain Bike Park Map V1.0 Released!

Today, like many days in our short history has been a long time coming. The first version of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park Map has been released, available to the public FREE of charge. This map has taken hundreds of hours to create and is undoubtedly the most accurate bike park map available. Similar to our winter maps, this map is georeferenced, which means you can pinpoint your location on the map using the GPS/AGPS on your mobile device. You can download the map through our map store and follow the same instructions that you would have used for our winter maps. If you’re not familiar with how to install our maps on your phone, you can find more information in our installation help section.

Unlike our winter maps, this map is FREE. This is for a couple of reasons, but mainly because we secured the use of the base imagery for free to use only. That in turn allowed us to use, with permission, GPS data from Trail Forks which helped immensely when plotting bike trails through woods and general areas where obvious bike trails were not easily noticeable. The GPS data required manipulation largely due to the discrepancies in GPS’ in order to match our base imagery.

This map encompasses the entire Whistler Mountain Bike tenure, as well as trails in Khyber/Kadenwood including Khyber Pass, Middle of Nowhere, Kush etc as well as a few trails on Blackcomb, including the starting points for Micro Climate, Out of the Dust, Hey Bud, Crazy Train etc.

We hope you enjoy using this map, and we only ask that you spread the word about the Whistler Mountain Mapping Initiative. If you haven’t already checked out our winter maps, head over to the WMMI website and check them out. All Whistler Blackcomb employees are entitled to a discount.