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Whistler/Blackcomb 2015 Maps Released!

Hey Whistler! Have you heard of the Whistler Mountain Mapping Initiative (WMMI)? We are a small, local mapping company that develops the most accurate digital ski maps in existence. More information about our company and products can be found at

When I first arrived at Whistler, I was in the same boat as many of you, excited to be part of the Whistler skiing/boarding experience, but frankly had no idea where I was going. The Whistler/Blackcomb resort is massive. The terrain is expansive. There are literally hundreds of locally named locations that I had no idea about. I needed a map.

There are very few mapping resources for ski resorts. The mountain has the Atlas of course, but that isn’t going to help you get from point A to point B. It’s a beautiful image. But it’s not a map.

Enter the Whistler Mountain Mapping Initiative. After approximately 1000 development hours, we are releasing our new website (see above url) and more importantly, our Whistler/Blackcomb Mountain 2015 ski maps, which I can say with great pride, will be the most accurate and aesthetically beautiful Whistler/Blackcomb ski maps you’ve ever seen.

Why do you need this map? What can it do for you? Perhaps you’re a ski instructor, learning new areas to take clients, or a ski patroller or mountain safety personnel trying to nail down special location names, or maybe a new groomer or snow maker learning your way around. Maybe you’re on vacation and want to get the most out of your visit. Or, perhaps you’re visiting Whistler for a year, maybe two, or for a lifetime and just want to learn your way around this amazing place. Whatever the reason, the WMMI has you covered.

Our maps are designed in the direction of travel, they are georeferenced, allowing you to pinpoint your location and include include 10m topographical contours to help you find that pesky freezing level. They are self contained images that don’t require expensive data plans and can run fully off GPS chips in your phone and are accurate to within 2-5 meters.

The WMMI sincerely hopes you take the opportunity to learn about our maps and what they can do for you.

The release of our maps has been a long time coming and has been the direct result of the blood, sweat and tears contributed by members of the WMMI community and particularly those listed here. We wouldn’t be releasing this amazing product without your help.