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Summer 2018 App Update / Map Release

This is a very exciting time for ULLR Adventure Maps. Over the winter, we’ve been working feverishly on the most recent update for our app, available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This update includes a few new app features, some bug fixes, as well as the release of three new maps.

We’ve changed the app a little. Previously, the app was paired with the Whistler Blackcomb maps and users were forced to buy both maps. However, in this update, we’ve paired the app with the first of our free “tourist series” maps, the “Whistler Village Visitor Map”. This, in turn, allows us to provide the base app and paired map for free while offering our premium maps as a paid in-app purchase.

The main new features that we’ve included in this update are coordinate lookup and GPS tracking. Coordinate lookup was intended as a professional feature, developed intentionally for ski patrol. The intent is that subjects would send their coordinates in WGS84 via email to the ski patrol and they would, in turn, be entered into the app allowing searchers to pinpoint the subject’s location and guide themselves to that location.

The second feature we’ve added in this update is GPS tracking. It was a feature that was requested several times by users over the winter and we’re happy to oblige! Similarly to other GPS tracking apps, we’ve included a record button that when pressed, starts recording unobtrusively. When finished, the user presses the stop button and is prompted to save the track. Once confirmed, the track is loaded into the GPS track library allowing the user to look over the track. When reviewing the track, the user is brought to a screen that highlights the multicolor track on top of the map, while also showing the max speed, the average speed, elevation loss and gain, distance traveled as well as time.

This release also features three new maps which were developed over hundreds of hours. These three maps include a free Whistler Village Visitor Map, the Whistler Mountain Bike Park as well as the Whistler Valley Adventure Map.

The Whistler Village Visitor Map is a free map, the first of our tourist series and is the most comprehensive Whistler Village Map available. This map includes a full registry of hotels, restaurants, shops, health, and beauty facilities, activities and services, as well as associated location codes that users can use to locate an entry of interest. The map also includes street names, bus stops, parks, rivers and creeks, the valley trail and the entirety of the cultural connector. More information can be found in the map library.


The Whistler Mountain Bike Park map is pretty self-explanatory and previously existed under WMMI.  This map includes all the trails in the park along with there difficulty designations (green, blue, black, double-black and pro-line). The map also includes portions of trails outside of the park. At the time of writing this update, the map does not include the new creekside trails. However, that will be updated shortly and expect an update in June. More information can be found in the map library.

The Whistler Valley Adventure Map is perhaps the most exciting map release. This map includes a wide variety of adventures within the Whistler area. The map includes all street names, bus stops, key amenities, the valley trail and cultural connector networks, a comprehensive trail overview of Lost Lake Park (that place is a rats nest of trails), how to access popular hiking trails like Rainbow Lake, how to access biking trails such as a River Runs Through It and Train Wreck, a comprehensive overview of the trails / roads going out to Logger’s Lake and more! There’s too much information on the map to list in this overview, but suffice it to say it’s packed with information and it will only continue to get more complex. More information can be found in the map library.

That’s about all we have for this update. We hope you take the time to check out our maps and please, spread the word! The app is free, there’s no excuse for not downloading it!