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WMMI Lauch Date

website (I have put literally hundreds of hours into this website). For those of you wondering when the site is going to launch and the maps are going to be released, the magic date barring some unforeseen circumstance will be November 10, just in time for mountain opening. I am currently just putting finishing touches on some of the site features, but the major work is done.

On a side note, I have a few features to add to the Blackcomb map, but I would like to run them past a Blackcomb patroller over a couple of beers (my treat). I specifically need to go over signlines. Let me know if you can lend a hand. For any other mountain employees of different departments, let me know if my maps can be of use to your department. I would love to have an opportunity to showcase the map to your department heads/supervisors at their convenience.

I will make sure to let everyone the night before the site goes live. In the mean time, I would really appreciate you guys spreading the word about the project to your friends, family or anyone you think should know the mountain better.

Pray to Ullr for snow. That’s all for now.